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Products and Services

  • Salary Advance for workers. ( civil servants and private sector employees)
  • Target Savings & Tenured Funds ( Minimum of 90 days with monthly interest)
  • Restocking Of goods ( Shop Owners, Businessmen, Women and Entrepreneurs )
  • LPO Financing
  • Back to school ( School fees and other academic fees for students)
  • Bridge Funds ( contractors only)

All products and services are only availed to members.



Loan Conditions

  • Loans are only granted to members
  • Registration/ membership fee is N5,000 only
  • Interest on loan is 20% flat monthly and 15% for investors
  • Complete application forms
  • Complete membership form
  • One passport photo
  • Form of valid means of identification
  • Guarantor’s form
  • Posted dated cheques for applicants and guarantor
  • All loans are collateralized and secured.
  • All collateral must be two times worth more than requested and approved amount
  • At maturity of all loans, the cooperative will automatically liquidate the collateral of defaulters, blacklist them among other cooperative societies, report to relevant law enforcement agencies and block their BVN with CBN thereby making them un-bankable.

Processing Fees

  • N10,000 for N190,00 and below
  • N20,000 for N200,000  –          N1,000,000
  • N30,000 for N1,100,000 –          N1,900,000
  • N50,000 for N2,000,000 –         N3,000,000
  • N100,00 for N3,100,00       –       N5,000,000

All loans above N5,000,000 attract a 2% flat processing fee.

Benefits of Being a Member

  • You have the opportunity to save in a secure environment
  • You can use your contributions to obtain a loan with the cooperative
  • You have the opportunity to be trained and learn viable trade opportunities
  • You can withdraw your savings whenever you want with a simple notice

We are Hulb Wallet MCS LTD we keep our word of putting your money where it grows